Java and Data-related training courses to companies of all sizes

Award Winning trainer

Sarah Barnard is holder of the IITT´s prestigious “Trainer of the Year” award in recognition of excellent client feedback, and professional Judges´ scrutiny and decision.

Press release – Sarah Barnard wins Industry Award:

Winner: IT Trainer of the Year 2007 , as awarded by the Institute of IT Trainers.

Winner of Industry Award.

(1) Unique marketing and sales products:  Tell Tale Time Test(TM) and Time Saver Training (TM) ,  2 products that measures effectivelness of training.



Now trade under the name PCWorkshops. Offering PC Workshops and customised in-company training.

During 2008-2012: Selling technical software to large internationals. Running training workshops. Selling market research, development and consultancy on smartphone apps.

During 2000-2008: Computer Future UK was operating in London and serviced clients, eg BBC, The British Police, Monsoon, Computer Cab, Ballymore Properties, etc.

1991-2000: The Computer School was founded in 1991 as a computer training service to the general public and companies in South Africa. From 1993 onwards, The Computer School grew by selling franchises nation wide. In 1999, the group was sold, and continued to concentrate on IT Literacy Programmer. The corporate section of the business continued under the name Computer Future.


We have 16+ years´experience in franchising: Franchising our own business system, as well as consulting on Customised Franchising Procedures and running franchising workshops.




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