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Avoiding litigation

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As more and more regulation is imposed on businesses and people are becoming increasingly litigious, the possibilities increase for both the franchisor and franchisees to become involved in legal problems. Quite apart from the costs of litigation, there is nothing more wasteful of your time and damaging to relationships than litigation that could have been avoided. Even disputes that don’t make it to the litigation stage are harmful and time consuming for all involved. This workshop is about protecting you and your franchisees from the distraction and costs associated with prosecutions or legal disputes. By careful appraisal and assessment of potential risks, procedures can be put in hand to reduce them. An agreement in place is good practice. You still have to operate daily to guide your franchisees to operate within the specifications of the agreement, to protect your brand, your investment and your reputation. This workshop provide you with the insight and tools for you to be able to approach the world of franchising with focus and purpose.

Who Should Attend
  • Practicing franchisors who which to improve their business success
  • Potential franchisors


Course Outline
  • An overview of laws and legal issues affecting franchisors
  • Model operational procedures for minimising risk in:
    • Marketing
    • Recruitment
    • Training
    • Support

Note. This seminar does not contain legal advice – it suggests practical operational steps that can be put in place to reduce your exposure to potential legal action. We strongly recommend that you seek legal advice from a suitably experienced lawyer where required.


Half a Day


This workshop is free for franchise consulting clients. If you are not one of our clients, then the charge is £250 per delegate.

Training Location

The Royal Commonwealth Club, 25 Northumberland Avenue, Embankment, London WC2N 5AP


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