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Train the Trainer Essentials Course

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Why Train the Trainer?

Do you want to train an employee or employees to deliver your own training?
Having your own in-house trainer can be cost-effective for:

  • Company-specific training (eg products)
  • Needs that change with different delegates
  • Delegate availability that is unpredictable or limited

You will examine the techniques and disciplines required for a training role, and develop communication and key tutoring skills.
This programme focuses on the practical aspects of being a trainer. Learning is linked to workplace needs, with tips and techniques being shared at each stage of the programme.
The result? You will be well-equipped to deliver quality training sessions that get the best results from delegates.

Who Should Attend

The course is suitable for anyone new to a training position, who has been asked to take on training responsibilities within their existing role, or even experienced trainers wishing to refresh skills.
No prior experience is necessary.

Course Outline

Introduction and Course Overview, Case Study

Communication Skills for Training

  • Good Communicators
  • Your Role as an Effective Communicator

Questioning Skills for Trainers

  • Open Questions vs Closed Questions
  • Probing: Digging Deeper
  • Questioning as a Training Technique

Listening Skills for Trainers

  • Your Listening Skills
  • Active Listening Skills in Training Sessions

Presentation Skills in Training

  • Presentation Tips
  • Telling vs Showing
  • Overcoming Nerves

Developing Participation in Training

  • Removing Barriers to Participation
  • Enhancing Participation

Managing Questions and Answers

  • Objectives of the Question and Answer Period
  • Guidelines for Handling Questions

Games: Adding Fun and Humour

  • The Use of Games • Types of Games
  • Getting Buy-In
  • Troubleshooting: When Games Go Wrong
  • Quick and Easy Games

Dealing with Difficult Trainees

  • Characteristics of Difficult Delegates, examples, case studies, role plays


Training Location

The Royal Commonwealth Club, 25 Northumberland Avenue, Embankment, London WC2N 5AP


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