Inserting Footnotes

As legal practitioner, footnotes and endnotes in documents and contracts may sometimes be necessary for providing additional information about terms or concepts used. A number in superscript is used as a marker appears at the term and and explanation is found marked with the same number at the bottom of the page. MS Word 2007 automatically keeps track of the numbering and placement of the footnotes/endnotes.

A footnote appears at the end of a page and an endnote appears at the end of a document or section.

1. Click at the word or term in your document that requires a footnote/endnote.

2. In the Ribbon, click the References tab.

3. In the Footnotes section, click Insert Footnote/Endnote. Word will insert the reference mark at the point you selected and then take you to the bottom of the page/end of document or section.

4. Type your footnote/endnote.

5. When you are done, right-click the footnote and select Go to Footnote to take you back to the insertion point in the main body so you can continue working on your document.