For those of you who missed our exclusive event today, don’t worry about it because we are dedicating our first blog to do the recap from the event! The event was held at the Royal Commonwealth Club, the details of the event were tips/tricks for E-mail Marketing session and networking, network, and networking! Though it was a small event, but everyone had a great time exchanging their business cards and shared their marketing strategies. Most of the attendees were entrepreneurs of small businesses, but these entrepreneurs are full of questions, passion, skills, and experiences. They were all from different industries and were all so keen to exchange information and business experiences!

                Our first exclusion networking event was such a success! Though it was small, but highly effective. All E-mail Marketing secrets were shared and would benefit the attendees greatly for their businesses. On top of that, the attendees also shared their own marketing strategies to the others to adapt to their businesses. Surely, soon enough you will see their ads everywhere in London. More events are coming up soon and we will send an invitation to all of you. So stay tune and check out our Twitter and Facebook pages!