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Python Programming

Python Programming Course:

Part Time: 21 evening sessions. Price: £800, paid in full up front or in 3 payments of £350

Full Time: 6 days plus 1 Saturday Gamathon. Price: £550, paid in full up front

One-to-one: Customised for your requirements. £30per hour, or a project price

This interesting Python Programming course is unique and fun because of its approach: we learn to program by writing game programs. While it’s enjoyable and engaging, we cover the fundamental computer programming concepts and techniques. Topics include variables, memory, branching, loops, data structures, functions, file handling, exceptions, object-oriented programming, GUI programming, multimedia programming, and program planning.

Who should attend:

Old or young, we all love games. Learning by doing and learning while having fun, makes getting to grips with techie-concepts, standards and techniques does not have to be boring. Well ok then, adults attend on separate days.

For the Professionals:

The techniques learnt are just as easily applied to accounting systems, stock control, scientific programs and mathematical models.

Lesson 1 to 7:

Getting Started: The Game Over Program

Types, Variables, and Simple I/O: The Useless Trivia

Program Branching, while Loops, and Program Planning: The Guess My Number Game

The Snakes and Ladders Game

for Loops, Strings, and Tuples: The Word Jumble Game

  • The “Murder on the Orient Express” Game
  • Create your OWN game

Lessons 8 – 14

Lists and Dictionaries: The Hangman Game

Functions: Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Files and Exceptions: The Gold Chalice Challenge Game

Software Objects: The Mysterious Janitor Game

  • The “Tomb Raiders” Game
  • Create your OWN game

Lesson 15 – 21

Object-Oriented Programming: The Blackjack Game

GUI Development: The Mad Lib

Program Graphics: The Pizza Panic Game

Sound: The Astrocrash Game

Animation: The Astro Heroes Game

Program Development: The Astro Battles Game

  • Create your OWN game

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