Java and Data-related training courses to companies of all sizes

About Us

We offer Training Courses in:

Our Style:

With deliver inspiring IT training programs and workshops.

Java Programming courses to students, aspiring Java developers as well as professionals who cross-skill or up-skill. Very popular is “Creating webservices” –  course for Java Developers. Regular courses, supported with on-line learning and 1-1 consultation is offered.

For end-users, we aim to streamline the use of desktop applications and assist with consultation to analyze, improve and automate daily tasks.

Our Workshops, presented in short powerful sessions, run weekly, could be attended on a drop-in basis, is followed up with practical sessions, and one-to-one consultation.

Our comprehensive training to large, medium sized and small companies focuses on delivering customized training programs, train-the-trainer, TNA´s, ROI, ongoing training.

Franchising workshops.

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